A, product introduction

NB thin coating composite fire retardant coating for steel structure Inflating the advantages of fireproof coatings and inorganic light body heat insulation coatings,In surface expansion foam quickly in case of fire, forming density areUniform foam thermal insulation layer, at the same time, inorganic has a lighter materials Good heat insulation effect, and achieve the goal of slow heating time,To prolong the fire time.

The coating can be widely used in steel structure industry workshop, Convention and exhibition center, stadiums, high-rise buildings and bearing component of the electric power, petrochemical, equipment of fire protection.

Second, the product performance

The serial number

The project name

The measured results


State in the container

After mixing the smooth, fine and no agglomeration


The drying time (table dry) (h)

2 h.


In the early dry crack resistance No crack


Bond strength

1.36 Mpa


Water resistance (h)

P 24


Resistance to freezing and thawing shrink ring (time) 15 or more


Refractory time min P 150


Appearance and color Is commonly gray modulation (and can request according to all sorts of color) Three, product technical indicators

The serial number

Refractory time

The thickness of the construction

Construction times

Theory of dosage



180 min

The 4.7 mm

6 times

4.7 kg

First pass the thinner the better, as far as possible control in 0.5 L, about 4 hours table dry rear can apply the second time, after each time control at around 0.8 L, until the specified thickness.


150 min

4 L

Five times

4 K


120 min

3.2 L

4 times

3.2 K


90 min

2.4 L

3 times

2.4 K


60 min

1.6 L

2 times

1.6 K

Fourth, packaging and storage

1, this product base color is gray, can design according to the modulation of various colours;

2, 18 kg net weight (can make other specifications according to user requirements), storage is valid for one year;

3, storage temperature above 0 , stored in ventilated, dry inside storeroom, away from the fire source, no rain, insolate, weight and inversion;

4, coating the surface of the substrate to natural drying condition, clean and no pollution, do polishing processing when necessary;

5, should do base material surface rust proofing;

6, packing and transportation should prevent frostbite, prevent collision.