Hua yan technology group Euroasiastra new materials co., LTD., began in 2003, is specialized in all kinds of high-grade architectural coatings, waterproof paint, floor paint, coating and nano materials research, development and production of large-scale enterprises, established a professional research and development laboratory in guangdong jiangmen, jiangmen, shunde, wuhan has production factories, in 2013 set up a sales and operational headquarters in wuhan.In the Chinese market, the successful launch of the "hua yan" brand, "the star" brand.Company has experienced management experts and professional and technical backbone served as senior management personnel, the introduction of foreign advanced coating production equipment, computer control system, precision testing instruments, the use of advanced coating manufacturing process technology and Germany, the United States, Japan imported raw materials, on the basis of a high starting point, strict, especially pay attention to the advanced, reliable product quality adaptability, environmental security.Has always been adhering to the "customer satisfaction, quality first" corporate purposes, adhere to the "quality first" approach to development and production of first-class products.At the same time with high quality production personnel and professional marketing personnel, engineering personnel, in the domestic large and medium-sized cities has sales and service offices.

The yaxing products designed by new material co., LTD. Main shareholder - "putty paint" is a world first, has obtained the national patent (patent number: ZL200510034630.1), the company's exterior wall thermal insulation heat preservation and heat insulation foam putty, the world's first new energy-saving "also has won the national patent (patent number: ZL200810025785.2)," silicon a crylic-acid water-based exterior wall latex paint "has been declared national patent (patent no. : 200610035564.4), the" triad exterior wall paint "has been declared national patent (patent no. : 201410213733.3), the national Patent Office has been accepted, developed the refurbished treasure, fry food grade coating products such as characteristics On high elastic seams putty paint, insulating paint with rust antirust primer, large quantities of user innovation products have been delivered to use, a large amount of products export Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the United States, Australia and southeast Asia, in countries and regions in Africa.Europe star exterior paint series products also honor for jiangmen city, guangdong province bureau of quality and technical supervision issued by the product quality supervision and inspection certificate of quality.

Our company provides a full and complete coating solutions, main product categories include:

A series, putty, paint and primer classification:

1, the anti-crack waterproof foam paint putty;

2, triad exterior wall paint;

3, epoxy resin putty paint;

4, the hair lacquer putty;

5, a two-component fill cracks king (external wall of two-component);

6, one-component fill cracks king (interior wall fluor-carbon);

7, waterborne antirust;

8, transparent seal primer, alkali resistant primer

Second, the paint series classification:

1. Fake aluminum flat type coating series: anti-cracking waterproof paint, exterior wall paint (2 -) 20 years, interior wall paint, fake aluminum paint, fluorocarbon lacquer;

2. The texture type series: the texture paint (scraping the sand), really stone paint (sand), rock slice really stone paint, water bag multi-color (imitation granite paint);

3. Art paint series: elastic relief lacquer, elastomeric gigging paint, milan stone, antique silk wallpaper paint, skin;

4. Oily type series: super bully metallic paint, oil paint, oily metal fluor-carbon painting, oily exterior wall paint;

5, thermal insulation coating, rust antirust paint

6, waterproof coatings, fire retardant coatings

7, floor paint,

8, fry food grade coating

Can also according to customer needs to develop products, is our to meet your demand Invention patent product can solve the wall cracks, water seepage, fall off, local fade problem solution.

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